This battery trick will revive your old mobile phone!

This battery trick will revive your old mobile phone!

Do you know all the tricks for properly handling your phone's battery? Even if you have an old smartphone, there is a way to extend its life, and we know it.

Over time, any smartphone begins to lose charge, even if the user sets the battery saving mode, turns off the bright backlight, or tries to play games not so often. Usually in this case we buy a new gadget and get rid of the old one. But it can still serve us well, for example as a spare phone. At the same time, it is important to take proper care of it.

Few people think about whether they are charging their mobile phone correctly, and many of them are doing it completely wrong. Some users naively believe the myth that charging the battery to 100% is beneficial. Meanwhile, there are proven rules that are not so difficult to master. For example, you should not leave your smartphone completely discharged - batteries lose their ability to hold a charge if they are discharged for too long. Also, it is not good for the life of your battery to leave your phone charging for long when the battery is already fully charged. Modern mobile devices turn off after 100% charging, but as soon as the charge drops to 99%, they start charging again, and this leads to rapid wear of the battery. All this is true. But no one thinks deeper. There is a method of charging a mobile phone that can significantly extend the life of its battery.

For example, the same operating rules apply to a car. If your car is not turned on or moved for a long time, its battery will run out over time. The same trick that many users don't even think about applies to older cell phones. Experts advise regularly recharging even those devices that you rarely use. In this way you will prolong their life and ensure their normal functioning. The same rule is useful not only for mobile phones, but also for your other devices that you rarely use.

There is a recommended time to charge an old cell phone battery. We advise you to recharge it every three to six months, depending on the device and battery type. But you don't need to charge the battery completely, as the full charging may have a negative effect on the battery.

And one more tip. Always use the original charger made for your smartphone model. It sends the correct output current, which is designed specifically for your phone. If the old charger is broken, try to buy the original version from the same brand or a device with similar output current and voltage parameters. You can find these parameters on the body of the original charger.