Here's a trick that will extend your MacBook's battery life

Here's a trick that will extend your MacBook's battery life

Your Apple computer isn't cheap, and you want it to last as long as possible. The combination of a free app and a feature on your MacBook will help you extend the life of your device's battery.

Apple laptops have a long battery life, that reaches about 1000 full recharge cycles. However, no matter what your MacBook is, over time, cycling, component aging, and increased temperature degrade its battery. If you use your MacBook in conjunction with an external monitor, its battery degrades even faster. However, you can influence this process and slow down the aging battery.

According to Apple, MacBook batteries last the longest when operating between 20 and 80 %, Keeping the battery at 100% most of the time will significantly reduce the life of your MacBook battery, and replacing an old battery will not only damage the environment, but will cost you at least a couple hundred dollars or more. The AlDente app allows you to set your charging limit in a more confident range so that it doesn't reach 100%.

When your computer reaches the device load limit you set, your computer begins drawing power directly from the power source, avoiding boot loops. In other words, your Mac's resources are drawn from the wall outlet, and not from the battery.

The load limit can be set either by using the slider or by entering the desired percentage in the box above and pressing Enter. We recommend that you don't always set this value to the same value so that your Mac battery doesn't get used to holding charge to certain levels. Typically we always set the value in the range of 70-80%, occasionally increasing it to 100% and then to 0%.The app also offers additional features such as overheat protection, float mode, and calibration mode that also positively impact the health of your battery.

AlDente offers a free version and a Pro version, for which you will have to pay a one-time fee. The Pro version gives you additional features such as high temperature protection, an automatic calibration mode, and the low power mode feature. However, if you do not want to buy a paid version of the AIDente app, you can still use the low power mode feature that appeared on MacBook running macOS Monterey. Activating the low power mode extends the battery life of your device and does not wear out its battery as much by reducing the brightness of the screen and backlight, as well as reducing the activity of background programs and slowing down the processor.

  • To activate the low power mode, go to the Mac menu  > System Settings > Battery.
  • Click the pop-up menu next to Low Power Mode on the right, then choose Always, Only on Battery or Only on Power Adapter.
  • Click the Info button  next to Battery Health on the right, then turn on Optimised Battery Charging and Manage battery longevity.
  • Click Options, then turn on Put hard disks to sleep when possible and Automatic graphics switching.