The best American e-bikes (2024)

The best American e-bikes (2024)

More and more people prefer electric bicycles to cars for getting around the city, while lovers of nature, travel and extreme driving choose e-bikes because they give them more power and strength. Here are our picks for the best street and off-road models made in the USA.

Urban mobility, cargo transportation, traveling with children to school or racing over rugged terrain. Here you will find bikes for different tastes at different prices.

Specialized Haul ST, Haul LT and Turbo Porto

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The Haul ST and Haul LT models sold in the USA are perhaps one of the best electric cargo bikes, and since March of this year the brand has introduced their equivalent, the Turbo Porto model, to the European market. It's one of the most powerful bikes on the market, with 710Wh batteries and 90Nm of torque that deliver up to five hours of continuous driving. The bike weighs 39.6 kg without load, and the maximum weight with load reaches 200 kg. Its length is 2.065 meters. The Turbo Porto features belt drive, front and rear lights, an integrated Garmin Varia radar system, a robust anti-theft system and a 44-litre polyester additional side bag that can hold up to 25kg of goods. If you want to carry children instead of cargo, you can easily equip one or a pair of seats with safety rails and footrests. The price of this bike is quite comparable to the cost of a small car and is $8,999 (5500 pounds sterling / 6400 euros).

Aventon Abound

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The Aventon Abound offers a lot of features in a small package and has the best combination of price and features. This electric cargo bike has a 720Wh battery and a 750W motor that quickly reaches speeds of 20mph. It can carry up to 440 pounds, while the 20-inch wheels make it quite compact. The kit includes lights powered by the bike's battery, a working brake light, turn signals, Lectric XPedition and a cargo box. Adjustable front end allows people of different heights to ride. And you get all this for $1,799.

Forestal Siryon

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Forestal Siryon can perhaps be called perhaps the most modern electric bike for lovers of adventure and enduro and DH trails. The EonDrive motor, with several different modes, delivers an impressive 250W of power and 60Nm of torque. The lightweight Aurora battery has a capacity of 360 Wh and provides up to 3-4 hours of riding time. This bike has a built-in computer with Wi-Fi, GPS and a ton of useful features that are displayed on a 3.2-inch touchscreen display. With 170mm of travel front and rear, the Siryon gives you the opportunity to make optimal use of all its components and features for an optimal ride, including the drag-free drivetrain. This bike comes in three different price options, starting from $10,999.00.

Specialized Turbo Levo

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The Turbo Levo will cost you quite a bit (10,700 euros), but it would be strange if one of the best eMTBs didn't have a hefty price tag. Specialized has a 2.2 drive with an impressive 90Nm of torque and a 700Wh battery. The Mastermind display shows you battery status, as well as altitude, your jump data, and GPS data. This beauty weighs 22.9 kg, has a mixed wheel setup (29″/27.5″) and a stroke of 160/150 mm.

Ride1Up Turris XR

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Ride1Up Turris XR is one of the most budget-friendly electric bikes that will give a head start to many more expensive competitors. The 614Wh battery and 750Wh motor allow it to reach speeds of up to 48mph with the pedal and 20mph with the throttle - all for just $1,295. Electric equipment and 27.5-inch wheels make it very fast, plus you get comfort and convenience in the form of fenders, footrests, suspension forks and headlights. This bike also has more advanced versions, with improved parameters such as a rear rack and an even more powerful battery.