Forget about rice, this is how you get water out of your phone speakers

Forget about rice, this is how you get water out of your phone speakers

If you drop your mobile phone in water, it can be a panic-inducing moment, but it doesn't need to signal the end of your device. One main issue occurs when water is trapped in the speakers, causing a muffled sound or no sound at all. Fortunately, this trick will remove water from your speakers, whether you're using an iPhone or Android device.

When it comes to water resistance, Apple devices like the Apple Watch lead the pack with impressive capabilities, including features like the Water Lock designed to expel water from the device. However, iPhones, while featuring varying levels of water resistance in newer models, still lack a built-in function to eject water from the speakers. This often leaves users hesitant to expose their devices to water, fearing potential damage to the delicate internal components.

Fortunately iPhone users now have a simple solution to help expel water from their device's speakers. The process involves leveraging a custom shortcut known as Water Eject, which triggers vibrations to dislodge any trapped water. This shortcut, although not native to the Shortcuts app, can be easily downloaded and added to your iPhone's list of apps.

Once installed, activating the Water Eject shortcut prompts the device's speakers to emit vibrations, effectively shaking loose any water that may be trapped inside. Unlike the Water Lock feature found on the Apple Watch, which emits a high-pitched sound, the vibrations generated by the Water Eject shortcut are subtle, resembling a low hum.


To ensure optimal results, users are advised to avoid connecting headphones during the process, as this can impede the expulsion of water. Additionally, maximizing the device's volume settings enhances the effectiveness of the vibrations, facilitating a more thorough removal of water from the speakers.

For Android users, similar solutions are available to tackle water-related issues with their devices. One notable example is the Clear Wave - Water Eject app, which offers a convenient method to expel water from Android smartphone speakers. By using vibrations produced through the speakers, the Clear Wave app effectively dislodges any trapped water, restoring the device's audio quality. Users simply need to download the app from the Google Play Store, activate it, and allow the vibrations to work their magic.

It is also recommended that you remove any headphones whilst you use the app. With its user-friendly interface and straightforward functionality, Clear Wave provides Android users with a reliable tool to address water-related concerns and ensure their devices remain in optimal condition. The app is also available for iPhone users if they are looking to an alternative to the Water Eject feature.