Change Is Coming to Telecoms: The First 3D Voice Call Has Been Successfully Completed

Change Is Coming to Telecoms: The First 3D Voice Call Has Been Successfully Completed

Nokia has announced a new technology that could vastly improve the quality of phone calls.

Mobile calling is on the verge of its biggest change in recent years, with significant advancements expected in sound quality thanks to Nokia's successful testing of this new technology that could change the quality of the calls we make in the coming years.

The recent milestone was achieved when Pekka Lundmark, CEO of Nokia, conducted the first 3D voice call with Stefan Lindström, Finland's ambassador for digitalization and technology.

The breakthrough technology behind the 3D call is based on the 3GPP Immersive Voice and Audio Services (IVAS) codec. This codec, a key component of the upcoming 5G Advanced standard, not only enhances call quality but also makes interactions more lifelike with 3D spatial effects. Unlike the traditional monophonic sound, the new spatial sound technology allows users to hear from which direction and from whom the sound is coming, similar to Apple's spatial audio for music. 

Ultimately this technology provides a richer, more natural communication experience, and improves group calls by distinguishing between speakers. Additionally, it aids individuals with hearing impairments who struggle to hear clearly, and it also enhances entertainment and gaming with immersive audio.

During the demonstration, Nokia utilized its patented technology to operate on a public 5G network. Although this novelty will be fully implemented in the future 5G Advanced standard, the successful test marks a major leap forward in telecommunications. It is not yet clear when this new technology will become available for commercial and public use. 

This innovation not only improves call quality but also paves the way for advancements in extended reality and metaverse applications. By providing more realistic virtual interactions in extended reality and metaverse applications, this could help to further progress this digital medium. 

Through transforming the traditional voice call experience into an immersive one, Nokia's 3D voice call represents a significant breakthrough in the field.