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    September 2022

    23 September
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    19 September
    • How to use Amazon Prime Video: tips and tricks

      After Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is the second most popular streaming service on the market today. If you are an Amazon Prime Video fan you're probably interested in learning some tricks and tips to get even more out of the streaming platform and maximize your experience. In this guide, we explain some of them.

    17 September
    • Our selection of the best family movies on Netflix (2022)

      Movie nights are the perfect way to close out a week of working or school. However, the Netflix catalog is so immense that sometimes you simply can't see the wood for the trees. For that reason we'll leave you our selection of the best family titles available for streaming on Netflix. Get your popcorn ready!

    14 September
    13 September
    • The 7 best horror movies on HBO Max (2022)

      The experience of being scared is priceless, especially when we know that 'The end' will come and everything will go back to normal... or not. Here's a list of the 7 best horror movies you'll find on HBO Max.

    • Best tech documentaries: on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV

      Times change, and so does technology. Progress goes so fast sometimes that we don't even notice new inventions as they are integrated into our daily life. However, is it a good thing that technology is developing so rapidly? Should we try and slow it down or, instead, continue to dive into new gadgets, software, and AI-related devices? No one can say. However, we can continue to learn about technologies and try to understand where the virtual world is coming from and where it is leading us.

    • Fix blurry photos online for free

      It's happened to everyone, you take a photo and only notice later that it's blurry due to the camera moving slightly or not being in focus. Then you wonder if you can improve or even eliminate the blur. The good news is that we have several simple and effective solutions. The internet offers numerous free (and some fee-paying) solutions to fix blurry photos, so in this article, we'll show you how to recover blurry photos with dedicated software.

    9 September
    • Our selection of the best Christmas movies on Netflix

      Do you consider yourself a Christmas lover, or do you rather consider yourself a Grinch? Whichever is the case, you should know that Netflix boasts has a very diverse catalog of movies dedicated to the Christmastide season. Here is our selection of the best Christmas films on Netflix.

    6 September
    • Best series to binge watch: 2022, Netflix, HBO, Amazon, AMC

      Don't worry, the marathons that we about to propose don't require any physical activity, just a rather comfy chair and plenty of time to watch as many episodes as you can handle. Here is a selection of the best series to binge this year from Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime.

    5 September
    • New to Netflix: September 2022, this week

      In September, Netflix is getting it everything, in an attempt to rival the new releases of the Rings of Power and House of the Dragon on Amazon Prime and HBO respectively. In this article we will tell you what series you can enjoy this month, and when they will appear in your Netflix library.