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Designing a special map can be performed trouble-free with Google Maps Downloader or Easy Google Maps Downloader. From Google Map, it helps users have plans according to their geographic coordinates.

Key Features

With Google Maps Downloader, you can save the image of the small tiles you want while in your map. The coordinates of the latter will remain the same until a change is made. Google Maps Downloader is useful in the sense that the downloaded maps can be arranged together to form one large map as bmp. Operations on this new map will be recorded so that you can use it later on. It is also possible to view the maps without resorting to new downloads. Download options plans obtained from this program are varied and can perfectly match new GPS access. For that, you just have to double-click geographic coordinates so that every action can be performed automatically.

System requirements

  • Operating Systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP.


Google Maps Downloader is very practical and easy to handle. It is easy to download.


It is not possible to obtain high accuracy of the downloaded images. The software is meant for personal use only. This is a shareware version with limited functionality.

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Alternative spelling: gmd_setup-7.12.exe, gmd_setup.exe
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