A major change is coming to WhatsApp! Here's what you'll soon see in the app

A major change is coming to WhatsApp! Here's what you'll soon see in the app

WhatsApp is in for a major facelift! The mobile app is set to embrace a modernized interface with redesigned icons, updated colors, repositioned buttons, and even conversation filters.

Over the past few months, WhatsApp has been continually adding new features, delighting its approximately 2 billion users. It introduced HD photo and video sharing, news channels, video messaging, screen sharing, and soon, interoperability with other instant messengers. These practical features are just the beginning, as a significant transformation is on the horizon. In a recent beta version ( for Android), journalists at the specialized site WABetaInfo discovered that Meta, WhatsApp's parent company, is working on a complete overhaul of the app's interface. This includes new icons and colors, as visible in the screenshots below. WhatsApp is shedding its characteristic green color from the top bar, undergoing a refreshing modernization. It's worth noting that the interface is still in development, and Meta continues to work on multiple improvements before the official release.

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A more modern interface with conversation filters WhatsApp will feature new icons to give its interface a modern and sleek appearance. Additionally, the messaging app will introduce a new shade of green as the predominant color for both light and dark themes, along with a new chat bubble color for the dark theme and the floating action button. These changes create a more dynamic look. New icons will also be available in the app's settings and chat information screen.

As previously observed by WABetaInfo in earlier updates, WhatsApp's horizontal bar has now moved to the bottom of the screen, featuring tabs for "Chats," "Status," "Communities," and "Calls." Notably, conversation filters will make their debut, offering four categories: "All Messages," "Unread," "Personal," and "Business." This feature is particularly useful when managing numerous active conversations. Similar enhancements have been spotted in recent WhatsApp beta versions on iOS, introducing new icons, colors, and the ability to filter group chats. This marks a significant step forward, considering it hadn't received a refresh in quite some time. Are you ready for WhatsApp's big change?