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TikTok is the Chinese app designed to share stylish homemade videos. The TikTok company has challenged the status quo about how to create a new type of content, how to make users interact with each other, and how to produce deeper and more social-friendly content. TikTok has its own identity, its codes, style, and sense of humor. With TikTok for PC, you can now watch videos and produce content directly from your computer for free.

Key features

  • Create, easily: With TikTok you can create short videos which last up to one minute. You can either create your video from scratch or use another TikTok video. Note that the content you create can be made live or pre-recorded, then you can simply share one or several of them in a few steps.
  • Make your video unique: Thanks to facial recognition you can easily use multiple filters and effects to make your video look the way you want. You can also modify parameters such as the recording speed, adding voice, including text, or dynamically switching between the front and rear cameras of your device. Once your video is made you can edit your creation and add hashtags to reach a wider audience.
  • Make a duet: This is one of the most amazing features of the application. It allows you to interact with another user’s video in various ways such as singing a duet, commenting on their performance, parodying it, and much more depending on how creative you are. Two formats are available, the first one is the split-screen format with two equal parts, the second one is the format where the main video takes the whole screen and the other video where you can react is in a smaller window.
  • An incredibly large music library: TikTok has a very huge music library containing all the new popular songs as well as all the classics such as “Dreams”, a song by the British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac released in 1977, which has been added after a user made it viral. Keep in mind that one of the concepts of TikTok is that you can “steal” and use the song produced by another TikToker.
  • React and interact: Watch other users’ videos and follow them to watch more, comment and react on their posts, interact with the whole community to get more followers.
  • Constantly reinvent: You can download the available videos you want and use them to make new GIFs, to watch them later, or to watch them on social other networks. TikTok clips are quite usual on Twitter.

Is it free?

TikTok is a totally free-to-use application.

Is it safe?

TikTok is a secure network with no known episodes of data theft or security breaches. In addition, it has several privacy options to ensure that you only share the type of content you want. You can set up who can see your videos, only you, your TikTok friends, or the whole TikTok community and you can grant permission to decide who can download your content. You also have the option of making your account private, deciding who can or cannot interact with you, and more.

TikTok has become a very popular social network so the company modified the application’s terms of use for minors in early 2021 to preserve their safety. You can consult our article about what are the new TikTok privacy restrictions for teens.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 version 19003.0 or higher, Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher.

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