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Microsoft Teams is Microsoft's groundbreaking and reliable instant messaging and video conferencing toolbox that stands as a game-changer for efficiently communicating and staying organized.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a communication platform created by Microsoft that offers workspace, instant messaging, videoconferencing solutions, file storage, etc. Over the past few years, Teams has become a real asset to help build organizations and companies but can also be used in everyday life.

What are the key features of Microsoft Teams?

  • Collaborate: With Microsoft Teams, you can build teams and channels to manage your organization correctly and efficiently. Every team is a group of channels where each one can be either public or private depending on whether you want everyone in the team can enter it or if you're going only to invite specific people. So everything is possible, and everything stays organized. You will also find a repository to share files and other resources with your teams like PowerPoint, Word, Excel documents, etc.
  • Instant messaging: The instant messaging feature is, of course, included to allow everyone to have conversations, create threads, share files, videos, audios, and more. The threads are great things as it helps keep conversations organized. While adding new people to channels, you will also be able to choose whether you want to see the previous discussions or not.
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  • Video conference: As an incredible tool, you can invite people who are part of your teams and people who don't have a Microsoft Teams account. It features all the valuable tools you need while video conferencing like screen sharing, file sharing, settings management (like if people can speak or not), notes (helpful to make sure everything is noted once a meeting is finished), etc. You will also be able to record a video or session and then save and share it in the channels or emails you want, that way, you never lose any piece of information. Last but not least, you can hold virtual events and make interactive meetings for up to 1000 attendees and webinars and broadcast for thousands of people.
  • Security: Teams offer the excellent and reliable level of protection that Microsoft provides in other apps. You can also activate end-to-end encryption in a one-to-one call to ensure no one can access your data.
  • Breakout rooms: It is another video conference feature. It allows the meeting organizers to create sub rooms and assign people to each of them. It will reduce admin overhead and improve meeting efficiency. For example, you can invite several groups of people from a different division, and as the meeting continues, share some resource with some of them, have a dedicated chat, close rooms so people can leave the meeting, etc. It is truly a powerful asset to conduct meetings.
  • Task: The built-in Tasks app allows you to manage your tasks and brings your tasks from To Do and Outlook with your team task from the Planner. Each task has a title, a description, a type, a priority, and an optional due date.
  • Extendable: Microsoft Teams allows you to browse the app catalog and add all kinds of Microsoft or third-party apps to enhance your user experience, like Polly to get live feedback from your team, Karma to promote good behavior and habits, Wiki to create a central knowledge repository, and more.
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How to use Microsoft Teams?

  • Once installed, you can create your teams and channels or join existing ones.
  • Send instant text messages to other people, and install new apps depending on your needs.
  • You can also check out these official Microsoft Teams training videos if you'd like to master the program.

Is it free?

Yes, Microsoft Teams is free to use but does not contains all the tools and features you may need if you are a professional or want advanced behaviors. You can consider extending the functions by purchasing one of the available plans for home or business; it is also part of Microsoft Office 365.

Is it safe?

Microsoft Teams tends to protect your privacy and confidentiality, so it is pretty safe, and you can check the security and privacy statement.

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