Achieve a Mosquito Free Outdoors – With This Smart Coffee Trick

Achieve a Mosquito Free Outdoors – With This Smart Coffee Trick

These household items can help you deter mosquitos from your outdoor and indoor spaces.

As summer arrives, understandably people want to spend more time outside enjoying the nice weather. However, this also brings the challenge of dealing with mosquitoes. Fortunately, there are several effective and easy ways to deter these pesky insects using common household items, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain mosquito-free.

The mosquito invasion of 2024 calls for effective alternatives to keep these pests at bay. Here, we present a very simple, smart, and inexpensive way to avoid bites and irritation. Mosquitoes absolutely dislike coffee and smoke.

There are many ways to combat one of summer's most annoying and intrusive insects, the mosquito. And beware, this year it's an invasion. Here's another trick to keep mosquitoes away, and this one is unusually smart, simple, and reliable. Plus, it's almost free.

Mosquitoes are attracted to various things (like heat, carbon dioxide, and different scents). But there are also scents and other factors they don't want to be near, such as coffee and smoke. This method combines both, creating a simple and effective "mosquito repellent" – coffee incense. Mosquitoes hate it, but for us, it just smells a bit like a coffee roastery. And the best part? It also works against wasps!

This is all you need to keep mosquitos away with coffee and smoke. You can use both fresh finely ground coffee and dry old coffee grounds, it doesn't make much difference. Used coffee grounds are probably the best option since burning fresh coffee that could make a nice cup seems wasteful.

Necessary items:

  • Ordinary finely ground coffee, fresh or used grounds
  • A plate you don't mind getting dirty
  • Aluminum foil
  • Matches


  1. If reusing coffee grounds, let the wet grounds dry completely in a dark place (in a bowl under aluminum foil, for example) to retain the aroma.
  2. Cover the plate with aluminum foil.
  3. Place a generous pile of ground coffee or dry coffee grounds on top of the foil.
  4. Light the coffee.
  5. Place the plate in an appropriate location and watch the mosquitoes flee.