Few People Know This: Your Car's Sun Visor Has a Handy Hidden Feature

Few People Know This: Your Car's Sun Visor Has a Handy Hidden Feature

Most people simply flip down their car's sun visor when the sun is shining in their eyes, but this accessory has a hidden, highly practical function.

Some of our car accessories are so straightforward and obvious that it is easy to forget they may have additional features. This is certainly true for the sun visor, often considered to be a standard piece of equipment. You simply flip it down to block out the sun's rays or bright city lights. However, it actually has two other functions, one of which is very useful and not common knowledge among drivers. 

When driving, especially in summer, the sun can make it hard to see when you're going. When the sun is high in the sky, flipping the sun visor down should be enough to block its rays. When the light comes from the side, you can detach and pivot the visor onto the side window. However, there's a third, lesser-known position that is just as practical. 

In some cars, after detaching the sun visor, you can slide it to cover a different area of the windshield. This function is particularly useful when the sun is low on the horizon, like in the morning or late afternoon. In these common and uncomfortable situations, the regular sun visor position isn't enough to block the low, blinding rays.

Some car models offer a metal extension that allows you to pull the sun visor towards the center of the windshield, protecting you from rays reflected by the rearview mirror when the sun is behind the car.

However, not all sun visors offer these additional features. Before attempting to slide your sun visor or use an extension, check if your vehicle supports it. Forcing a sun visor that doesn't have these options could easily damage its mechanism. To avoid any surprises, gently test each movement before applying too much force. And of course, do this while stationary, never while driving, to prevent any accidents.

If your car doesn't have this advanced sun visor, don't worry. A simple and effective solution is to always have a pair of sunglasses handy. They can significantly improve your visual comfort and safety when driving under intense sunlight. There are also sun visor accessories that allow you to clip on an "anti-glare / polarizing filter".