These tricks will completely change the way you use the Apple ecosystem

These tricks will completely change the way you use the Apple ecosystem

The Apple ecosystem ensures seamless communication and magical functionality, but mastering a few tricks is essential. These tricks apply across the entire ecosystem, and will improve the way you use these devices.

Apple Watch

As you know, the Apple Watch doesn't have a camera, but it does have a camera app. This camera app refers to the iPhone's camera. Therefore, we can place the iPhone wherever we want to take photos and, using the Watch, capture the shot. By default, a three-second timer appears, providing enough time for everyone to position themselves perfectly in the photograph.

Listening to music from AirPods on HomePod

If you are in your flat with your AirPods or just came back from a walk listening to a good podcast, you might want to continue listening when you get home. If you have a HomePod, just bring the iPhone close, and it transfers automatically. You can also ask Siri to continue the podcast you were listening to on your iPhone. Although it's not the fastest way, it's another route to achieve the same goal.

Sending content to Mac

If you have a Mac with Apple Silicon and want to send multimedia content from your iPhone to it, you can easily do so from the iPhone's home panel. Just swipe down and select the "Duplicate Screen" option. You can send the connection to your device, so you can continue consuming the content without loss. Moreover, you still have playback controls, play next content, or switch videos on your iPhone.

Adding subscription plan passwords on Apple TV+

Entering our username and password when registering for the first time on a new device or equipment with Apple Music, Netflix, or HBO can be annoying. This is especially cumbersome when you have to type all the information with the Apple TV+ remote. Fortunately, all you need is an iPhone or iPad, and the problem is solved. This is possible because when you go to enter the password on this accessory and iCloud is enabled, you'll receive a notification on your iPhone to enter the password. If you don't see it, go to the control center and enter the password.

Automatic AirPods Switching

Over the years and software updates, switching from one device to another where you have your AirPods synchronized can sometimes be a challenge. However, the best way to avoid this type of problem is to go directly to apps like Apple Music or Apple Podcasts and start playing content. In this scenario, the AirPods will detect that a new device is broadcasting information and will automatically connect to it. However, it may occasionally stall, and the content may not play on your AirPods. In that case, close the charging case and stop using the iPhone or iPad, or even put the app in question in the background. This way, automatic synchronization will take effect in milliseconds.