Apple is making big changes to its App Store in 2024, and here's why

Apple is making big changes to its App Store in 2024, and here's why

According to a recent report by Mark Gurman, a trusted Apple correspondant, Apple is getting ready to split the App Store in two to meet European Union requirements.

In 2024, there will be significant changes to the Tech world. We're not talking about artificial intelligence advancements this time, but about the devices and services we use every day, like computers and smartphones. This is because the companies offering these, mostly American, will now have to follow the new European regulation, the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Also known as the law on digital markets.

The DMA is not just a simple set of guidelines that companies can choose to follow or not. Despite Apple and Microsoft's reluctance, both will have to comply and make changes in most of their products. For example, Windows will change how it connects to the Microsoft account. For Apple, it goes much further. The DMA will force Apple to open its ecosystem by allowing "sideloading," which is installing apps outside the official App Store, the official store on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

As a result, the App Store will soon be divided into two distinct entities. One version of the App Store will comply with European regulations and allow sideloading, and the other half will remain in its current state. Signs of this major change could be seen in the iOS 17.2 beta, and the report from Mark Gurman only confirms these assumptions.


The main difference for European users will be ability to sideload apps, however this is not all, messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram and iMessage will be changed. Users will be able to communicate with friends and family members who use alternate messaging apps. Developers will also benefit as Apple will be required to offer different payment methods

Users in Europe will be able to install other app stores on their iPhone and iPad, and developers will be able to promote their apps on these platforms while using different payment methods from Apple's. The compliance deadline that has been set by the European Union and the Digital Markets Act is March 7th 2024

In the past Apple has argued that sideloading has a negative impact on the safety and security of Apple devices. That, and Apple will no longer be able to guarantee the quality of app that can be installed on their devices. It is yet to be seen if these fears will become a reality. Although it is understandable for Apple to want to maintain control over the Apps that can be used on their devices, ultimately these new regulations are good news for consumers, who will no longer be limited to the App Store for purchasing and installing apps.