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  • Version 4.1
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RepelisPlus (often referred to as Repelis) is your Spanish gateway to streaming and downloading movies and series of top quality, accessible from any device. While they don't host audiovisual content directly, they provide and share third-party links.

What is RepelisPlus?

RepelisPlus is your Spanish go-to hub for an extensive series, movies, anime, and documentaries collection. Rather than hosting content directly, think of it as a nifty search engine guiding you to watch or download locations, connecting you through direct links. While it operates akin to tools like Stremio, RepelisPlus's promise is a lineup of only free viewing choices.

What are the key features of RepelisPlus?

  • Catalog: Dive into the ever-growing collection, brimming with movies, series, and other visual delights. It truly offers various types of content, from drama, sci-fi, horror, and romance to thriller, documentary, animes, and adventure. Everyone will love it.
  • Languages: Whether you lean towards Spanish or English, they've got you covered.
  • Stream on: With RepelisPlus, find the movie or series you crave, select your language, and click a link. Just like that, you're watching for free.
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  • Offline mode: Fancy watching on the go without the internet? Just hit download and enjoy offline.
  • At a glance: From the story synopsis to the director and cast, get all the juicy details in one spot.
  • Sharing is caring: Found something binge-worthy? Spread the word directly from RepelisPlus to friends or on social media.
  • Favorites: Save what catches your eye for later, or curate a list of personal must-watches.

How to use RepelisPlus?

  1. Download the app and create your account for free without a subscription.
  2. Then, browse the different types of content, explore the categories, filter by date or popularity, and find the series and movies you crave. You can filter by downloading or streaming depending on whether you wish to download content or watch it online. Language selection is also available.
  3. No matter whether you download content or watch it online, you will be redirected to external websites first, so take some precautions to ensure the website is reliable and safe.
  4. If you choose to download content, be careful not to download corrupted files and ensure your antivirus is activated.

Is RepelisPlus free?

Yes, RepelisPlus is an entirely free platform and does not require any subscription. Although it does not host the contents directly,  it provides links you can consult for free. Therefore, it's a great app for discovering series, movies, and more without any cost.

Is RepelisPlus safe?

Using this unofficial service means there's no guaranteed security. RepelisPlus relies on ads, so always be cautious about which pages you visit. And remember, the free view or download links are from third-party websites that also use ads to keep their content free. It's wise to keep your antivirus active before downloading anything. Lastly, many apps mimic RepelisPlus in name and design, claiming to offer free streaming. Always make sure you're downloading the genuine version of the app.