JLC Internet TV free for PC

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Internet has clearly developed many prospects. Apart from searching for information, chatting with friends and fast file transfer, you can watch TV and listen to the radio via the Internet. JLC Internet TV is a program for watching TV and browsing different channels.

What are the key features of JLC Internet TV?

  • Customizable configuration: The user can make his personal favorite list. You can personalize your favorite channels depending on the country and its channel frequencies. The application doesn't require the existence of an antenna.
  • Saving TV programs: You don't have to wait to be home to capture a TV program. With your laptop, there are several ways to get your favorite program on your computer. Thus, the use of a video recorder is now obsolete since you can save it directly on your PC.
  • Sharing: While watching the TV, you can hear or see some interesting facts. Via JLC Internet TV you can share it with other people.
  • Multiple windows: The user can have information in real-time as he can watch 2 or more different channels simultaneously. You just need to open another window and select another channel.

Is it free?

The software is free of charge.