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Blender is a 3D creation suite designed by It is rich in many features using which the user can model, edit, animate, simulate, render, compose or unwrap 3D and 2D files. You will discover in this article, what can Blender do.

What are the key features of Blender?

  • Editing: There are many options that the program allows the user to edit including text, graph, node, images, and more.
  • Ultra-realistic rendering: Blender offers you the possibility to access real-time viewport preview, CPU and GPU rendering, VR rendering support, as well as PBR shaders and HDR lighting support.
  • Modeling and sculpting: Blender lets you use advanced sculpting tools and brushes, 3D painting, and even Python scripting for custom tools so the process of rendering and creation becomes handy and easy.
  • Motion tracking: With Blender, it is also possible to mark and track cameras and objects. Several tools are available to perform this option like manual lens calibration using pencil or grid, the object panel algorithms like KLT, support for Planar and Tripod solvers.
  • Animation: This feature enables the user to create animated objects with envelope, skeleton, and automatic skinning, B-spline interpolated bones, curve editor, custom bone shapes, sound synchronization, etc.
  • Video sequence editor: There is also the video sequence editor that enables you to modify video footage. You can add scenes, audio, and so on.

How does Blender work?

Blender works as a full-featured 3D and 2D rendering program designed for professionals. Since the program requires some graphic design, animation, and 3D modeling skills, we recommend you to check out the official Blender tutorials, including the guide for beginners. How to download Blender? Simply click on the Download green button on the top of the page and you will be redirected.

Is Blender free?

You can download Blender is completely free of charge.

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