Webshots Desktop

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  • Developer Webshots
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  • License Freeware
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Webshots Desktop is a software that allows the user to edit and download different types of images from the Web. This is convenient for iDevice and computer wallpaper. Its main function is to download image that can be used as a background or screensaver. For that, the user only has to tape the topic of image he is looking for on its integrated browser.

This option gives the user the possibility to adjust the color sharpness, the brightness as well as the size of the image so as it can fit the screen. Of course, it supports popular format like jpg, gif, tiff, and more. Webshots Desktop has an option to automatically aware the user for new daily photos available in the gallery. In addition to that, it has a screensaver control to predefine the display time of each photo.

Customized calendar: It is equipped with an option to regulate automatically the display image of the calendar. Indeed, the user can adjust some settings like its position on the screen, the text font and the starting day of the week. It provides different themes such as sports, culture, news and still many others.

Other Systems

Webshots can also be downloaded for Mac devices here.