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  • Developer Fewlaps
  • Version 5.122.0
  • License Freeware
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QuitNow! Is one of the most popular applications to help quit smoking. It is an app with a lot of support and guidance options. It can help you distance yourself from one of the most addictive substances in the world!

What are the key features of QuitNow!?

  • Your State - As a former smoker, this is where you can keep track of how many days you have been without smoking, how much money you have saved and how many cigarettes you have stopped using.
  • Achievements - This includes up to 70 small challenges. When you manage to complete them, you can share this with others and with yourself to keep yourself motivated and prove that you are capable of overcoming this addiction.
  • Community - This is a chat room where you can share your experiences, advice, and support with other people who are also trying to quit, or who have already quit.
  • Health - This section explains the incremental improvements that occur in your body every day you go without smoking.
  • QuitNow! even includes a number of frequently asked questions, recommended books, and even a helpful bot that answers additional questions as and when they arise.
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