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Redbus is a bus ticketing service application that allows users to book, change, map, and compare pricing on bus routes across India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Colombia, and Peru. Simply mark your origin and destination for the application to display the best bus ticket options for you. Acquire and save your e-tickets through the platform, which accepts a variety of payment options including Amazon Pay. As of 2021, Redbus offers the possibility of Carpooling with other users of the app.

What are the key features of Redbus?

  • Routes and Options: Redbus offers a wide range of routes and bus booking options for its users with a big location network covering different cities, bus lines, drop-off locations, schedules, and stations. It also offers alternative routes in case changes are made to the itinerary.
  • Safety and Liability: The bus ticketing system has maintained as one of its key features the importance of safety for its passengers and the liability in the scheduling and managing of any bus ticket booking.
  • Pool: This year, the app is allowing users to connect and share rides through the app. Drivers and passengers can offer and look for rides according to their needs and book trips with the same system used for booking bus tickets.
  • Bus Hire: Users from the app can book a bus for personal, business, or private use. The mobile app has a wide range of bus types to choose from which are available for pick up and drop off at strategic points.
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How to use Redbus?

  • Booking Bus Tickets: Select the origin and destination of your ride, and choose the best option for your departure; seat, and amenities. Choose the available seat and proceed to book. Simply pay and get your boarding pass directly on your smartphone.
  • rPool: Once your account has been activated, simply select your pick-up and drop-off point. The app will mark the closest options to you and connect you directly to the user giving the ride. If you’re driving, mark your route so it’s open and visible for other passengers.
  • Hire a Bus: Begin by selecting the option you’re using the bus for. Briefly tell Rebus what and why you are using the vehicle. Choose your bus type with the time of pick up and drop off.

Is Redbus free?

Yes, Redbus is available for free download.

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