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Vrbo app Vacation Rental is a home rental vacation and registered trademark managed by Expedia. The concept is to unite families and property owners by providing property listings suitable for family holidays. They operate in more than 190 countries with the main focus of finding and connecting families through a space that will guarantee the best vacation experience.

What are the key features of Vrbo?

  • Property management: connected through their own management app, the communication, and planning between customers and owners turns out to be very efficient, having both their own platforms, the owner can easily schedule and manage the rentals while the customer can focus only on planning a family vacation without inconvenience.
  • Trip Boards: The app allows the users to create Trip Boards for friends and family to interact and select possible destinations to find the ideal vacation home, from beach houses to cabins in the woods, the app offers a wide variety of properties and date options that can be considered between members to choose the perfect holiday destination.
  • Accommodations: The owners and their homes go through an extensive check-up before being allowed to list their properties in the application, meaning that the listed vacation rentals shouldn’t disappoint the customer. They reply to every characteristic shown on the listing, if any problem, the application customer service can accommodate the family in a new rental and/or offer a full refund.
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How does Vrbo work?

Easy to Use: The interface and design of the app are easy to use making it simple for any member of the family or friends to interact with it, the search engine, date selection, and filtering for locations and accommodations are straightforward making it easy to find any vacation home, dates, and destinations.

Is Vrbo free?

The app is free to download, though vacation rental fees vary according to dates and destinations.

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