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NI Multisim is a top-tier tool for electronic design and simulation. Developed by National Instruments, it's a favorite in both the classroom and industry for its intuitive design features and powerful simulation capabilities. Give it a try, and it will quickly become part of your workflow.

What is NI Multisim?

NI Multisim, previously known as MultiSIM, is a program dedicated to electronic schematic capture and simulation. It is part of a comprehensive set of circuit design tools paired with NI Ultiboard.

Multisim is one of the few circuit design programs to use Berkeley's original SPICE for its simulations. The program's origins trace back to the Electronics Workbench Group, a company that has since become a division of National Instruments. Among its features, Multisim offers microcontroller simulation, once referred to as MultiMCU, and has seamlessly integrated import and export functions with the suite's PCB layout tool, NI Ultiboard.

In both the academic and professional realms, Multisim is a go-to for teaching circuits, designing electronic schematics, and performing SPICE simulations.

What are the key features of NI Multisim?

  • Build circuits: That's NI Multisim's primary goal, giving you an efficient environment to build and compose circuits, and it does it so well that it is one of the most advanced solutions of this type. It features a library of over 4,000 objects and a well-designed interface with tons of tools that turn the assembling process into a game.
  • Accelerate students' learning: There is nothing more enjoyable than actually viewing how intricate theory principles look when they are applied. Henceforth, NI Multisim provides you with the necessary resources to learn analog, digital, and power electronics.
  • Compare real and simulated signals: It beautifully integrates with hardware to let you compare real and simulated signals. Over 20 different interactive analyses that correlate theory and reality are available, using proven simulation and analysis tools to prepare students for real challenges.
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  • Prototype: You can now build all the prototypes you want and experiment with new things, effortlessly and at no cost. Iteration after iteration, you can save development time and cost, take advantage of the test systems to spot and fix errors, and get great results.
  • Designed by users: It has been actively designed based on researchers', teachers', and students' feedback. Hence, it can deliver all-in-one solutions that fit everyone's needs and ensure enhanced teaching and learning.
  • Support: All the purchases include access to features that help you be successful with the software, including technical support from degreed engineers, automatic version updates, 24/7 access to selected online training and virtual demonstrations, and access to historical versions in case you need to share code with your team.

How to use NI Multisim?

Installing and setting up NI Multisim is very well documented:

  1. Once downloaded, you can register or create an account on their website if you want to benefit from streamlined technical support, calibration and repair services, and critical notifications.
  2. Install NI Multisim and optionally activate a paid license if you own one.
  3. Follow the carefully crafted Introduction to Multisim guide.
  4. You can also consult how to analyze circuit behaviorhow to teach electronicshow to reinforce theory by comparing real and simulated signals, or how to teach digital logic and deploy it to hardware.
  5. For a more exhaustive overview of all the available resources, check the support page.

Is NI Multisim free?

We provide you with a free trial of NI Multisim. If you want to take advantage of the fully featured version of NI Multisim, consider purchasing the paid version on the official website.

Is NI Multisim safe?

Absolutely, NI Multisim is considered safe, so you can use it without a second thought. For more information about how they collect and use your data, feel free to consult their privacy policy.