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QElectroTech is a program designed both for professionals and beginners in the electrical engineering field as it is used to create electrical diagrams.

What is QElectroTech?

QElectroTech is an open-source desktop application to create diagrams and schematics. It is mainly used to create electrical documentation, but you can also use it to draw any kind of diagrams, such as those made in pneumatics, hydraulics, process industries, electronics, etc.

What are the key features of QElectroTech?

  • Creation: With this program, the user can create universal electrical symbols or even symbols that he has designed himself. These last could be simple or complicated, according to the user. It is possible to save these new symbols.
  • Printing: QElectroTech offers the possibility to print the created diagram. The user needs to adjust the page format like A4, for example, and then click on "print".
  • Editing: It is possible to modify a diagram in this program. The user can edit an element using the "drag and drop" feature. He can also edit the diagram's order by moving the tabs representing them.
  • Exporting diagram: QElectroTech enables to export a diagram in an image format. These formats are bitmap, JPEG, PNG, and SVG. If there are some elements the user does not want to export, this is also available.
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How to use QElectroTech?

A great and easy way to learn to use QElectroTech is to consult the up-to-date online manual.

Is it free?

This program is completely free of charge. However, if you want to thank its developers, you can donate.

Is it safe?

Yes, QElectroTech is considered safe to use.