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  • Developer Softronics Inc.
  • Version 6.5b
  • License Freeware
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MSWLogo is a fun and user-friendly programming language for creating cool graphics and designs. It's perfect for beginners who want to learn how to code in a creative way. With its simple commands and interactive interface, you can make drawings, animations, and even games by controlling a virtual turtle. You just give instructions to the turtle and see your creations come to life on the screen. Whether you're a student or a curious learner, MSWLogo makes programming easy and enjoyable.

What is MSWLogo?

MSWLogo is a programming language combined with a graphical user interface used for creating and running Logo programs. It provides a graphical interface and a turtle graphics system, allowing you to create images, logos, animations, and games by giving commands to a virtual turtle.

MSWLogo is a Windows-based version of Logo that includes additional features and functionality, making it popular among educators and learners of all ages. Historically, Logo is a simple programming language that was developed in the 1960s and is primarily used for educational purposes to teach programming concepts to beginners. Hence, you will only have to focus on the concepts of programming rather than getting bogged down by complex syntax. It can really help beginners understand programming concepts, logic, and problem-solving skills in a visually engaging way.

What are the key features of MSWLogo?

  • Create and draw: MSWLogo allows you to create visual designs, drawings, and animations by combining simple commands. Step by step, you can create 2D images, 3D drawings (wireframe and solid), animated GIFs, games, and more.

  • Educational-friendly: This makes it a great tool for creating artwork, visualizing math concepts, and even building simple games. As it is very simple to understand and master, it can be used by anyone in any field.

  • Functions: You can define your own functions to create reusable pieces of code and even use recursive calls. It also supports event timers for multiprocessing, up to 1024 independent turtles, conditional programming, loops, and external library add-ons.

  • Error handling: It provides error messages to help you identify and fix errors in your code, making the learning and programming experience more seamless.

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  • Interactive interface: MSWLogo provides a graphical user interface that makes it easy to write and run programs. You can see the output of your code and make changes in real-time, allowing for immediate feedback and experimentation. It also supports cutting, pasting, and stretching bitmaps.

  • Networking: It supports TCP/IP Winsock networking, Direct I/O for controlling external hardware, serial and parallel port communications, and also MIDI devices.

  • Devices and events: It supports MIDI devices, multimedia devices (.WAV sound files, CD-ROM control, etc.), and you can even take advantage of event-driven programming (through mouse, keyboard, or timer).

  • Versatility: MSWLogo has lots of other features to offer more flexibility and versatility, like support for standard Windows printing and hypertext help, different color bits per pixel (1, 4, 8, 16, and 24), the ability to save and restore images in BMP format files, Floodfill, Standard Logo parsing, and many more.

How to use MSWLogo?


You will compose different commands to make the turtle move and design what you want, including 'fd' (FORWARD <number of steps to move forward>), 'bk' (BACK <number of steps to move backward>), 'rt' (RIGHT <degrees to rotate toward right>), 'lt' (LEFT <degrees to rotate toward left>), 'home' (come back to screen center), 'ct cs' (clean), cs (clear screen), and more.

To start using commands, open the Editor windows and type the commands you want. From the Commander window, you have access to actions to start the program, pause it, halt it, reset it, make a single step, and more.


Open MSWLogo on your computer. Click on Help, then click on Demo or Tutorial to run the demonstration or the tutorial, respectively. You will also find many pretty well-explained tutorials on the internet, like quick guidesactivities, or YouTube channels.

Is MSWLogo free?

MSWLogo is 100% free to use.

Is MSWLogo safe?

Yes, this programming language is totally safe to use.