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Scratch is a graphical programming language to create stories, games, and interactive applications from scratch. All the work created by community members is available for download from the database, which holds over 2 million user projects.

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a high-level block-based visual programming environment. It was designed by the MIT Media Lab to teach basic programming concepts to a young audience of ages 8 to 16. Even though it may seem basic, it empowers users to build various types of projects or games and arouse interest in programming.

What are the key features of Scratch?

  • Infinite possibilities: As a programming sandbox, you can use it for all kinds of projects depending on your liking, like animations, digital stories, games, composing music, drawing pictures, setting your character in motion, as well as interacting with the video sensor to program more complex images, or whatever you want.
  • Learn to code, code to learn: Basically, you will assemble different components called cards to create routines, conditional behavior, and build simple or complex projects. The app promotes learning by experimentation and mistakes, so go try whatever you want.
  • Programming concepts: Even though you don't learn a specific programming language, you will learn the common concepts of most of them, which is way more important. Indeed, as you assemble your components, you discover loops, variables, conditions, execution orders, and more.
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  • Designed for everyone: Scratch is for anyone in any discipline, such as computer science, math, language arts, social studies, and more. Even though it is designed for an audience between 8 and 16 years old, everyone can have fun and learn programming with Scratch.
  • Huge community: You can connect with other Scratch users and reach the worldwide community of millions of users. Explore all the existing projects, learn from other users, and get constructive feedback.
  • Export: You can export your projects to HTML5, Android apps, Bundle for macOS, and EXE files for Windows.
  • Multilingual: It is a multilingual app available in more than 70 languages.

How to use Scratch?

You have plenty of online tutorials to learn all the different aspects of Scratch 3.

How to install Scratch on your Android?

  1. If you have a version lower than Android 8, you may need to authorize the installation from unknown sources (only if you haven't already done it before). You usually find this option in Settings > Security.
  2. Disable the Play Protect function through the Play Store options.
  3. Download Scratch 3 on your mobile by clicking the button at the top of this page.
  4. Download and install the XAPK Installer.
  5. Open the XAPK installer and grant all the necessary access permissions, then it will scan your device, and it should display a list containing all the XAPK files on it. If the Scratch 3 file does not appear, then locate the file in your 'Downloads' folder and rename it by replacing the ".zip" file extension with the ".xapk" file extension. Finally, select the Scratch 3 application and follow the installation instructions.
  6. Once installed, launch the app and enjoy!

Is it free?

Scratch is completely free.

Is it safe?

It is suitable to use for all audiences as detailed by the community guidelinesYou can also check specific pieces of information for parents.

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