How To Check Smartphone Radiation Value

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Every smartphone emits some amount of radiation that is usually absorbed by the human body. The radiation between a specific time period is technically known as specific absorption rate (SAR). So, if you want to find the radiation of your phone, find the SAR value of the device. Read this article to find the radiation of your smartphone.

How To Check Smartphone's SAR Value

The SAR value of the smartphone is usually mentioned at the back panel. The makers have also started mentioning it on the official website and box of the device. There is also a smarter way to find the SAR value of your smartphone. Open the keypad of the phone, dial *#07#:

The screen displays the SAR value of your smartphone. For the smartphone, the US government has set the SAR level as 1.6 W/Kg. Many countries across the globe follow the same standard. It means the phone above 1.6W/kg SAR value is not considered good.

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