Router disconects when phone gets used

 Trudi -
when I use my phone my sky router box turns off and I lose my internet connection I have phoned sky about this they say its my lap top but it has a new wireless card in and I know its the box as the lights on the frount go from yellow which is ok to orange which is not it means no connection they just dont under stand when I tell them is there any body out there that has the same problem or had same problem and know how to fix it I have changed the fiter over on the phone line and it is not that I dont know what else to do !!:-(

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Alright well I have this problem too but mine is a little different from yours.

First of all if your INTERNET is disconnecting when you get a phone call then it's simple to fix. If you're using ADSL then it's probably a filter problem. You'll need to find out what your specific telco company recommends but for me I have the ADSL jacked straight into the wall without a filter. The I have every other device that uses the phone line (fax, telephone, security alarm) run through filters. These are very important, if your line isn't split correctly then your ADSL will disconnect whenever the phone rings because there isn't enough line left for it.
Now for the same problem on DIAL-UP, you simply have to find out what number to dial to disable call waiting. For me it's *52, so if I put that in front of the telephone number in my DIALUP it will disable call waiting while you are connected to the internet.

Now if your WIRELESS connection drops, when the phone rings it's usually because of this:

You have a cordless phone in your house that is using the same channel as your wireless router. Now routers are generally quite different so there's no one way to fix this. Just look up your make and model of modem on google and find out how to change the channel on your modem. It's pretty straight forward and not very time consuming to fix.
Also one thing to note is that you shouldn't automatically jump to the highest channel that you can because your wireless card may not be able to go that high.

If none of these work for you then let me know your specific problem and I will try to help as best I can.
Thank you

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great advise and easy to follow..many thanks wayne
Thanks alot man
Exactly my problem, Thankyou for explaining why this happens and how to deal with it.
I had exactly the same issue and tried all sorts. Changing the position of the router, replaced all of the micro-filters, tried a different laptop but still the problem persisted.

In the end, our telephone line stopped incoming calls working correctly as there was a problem at the Telephone Exchange. So all the trouble I went to to resolve and it was BT's equipment 3 miles away that caused this.
Hi, don't know if this will help, as I'm not from the same place you are (I'm in Canada, and I've never heard of Sky except for the big blue thing hanging above us).

I was having the same issues with my new DLink DIR-615 router. Whenever the landline would be in use (cordless phone, however), I would loose my connection and it would resume the second (literally) I ended my call. I didn't have that problem before with my other router.

In my case, changing the channel on my router did the trick. I've found multiple posts about this. It was set to channel 6 and I put it to 11 and the connection now seems to hold when the phone is in use.

I don't know how you would do that on your equipment, but it may be worth looking into.
Hi all.

If this fault is over 2 separate telephone lines the fault may be the following.

This can be a wiring problem from your BT poll in the street to your house
The fault is commonly known as the pairs in the cable are legged.

Inside a standard BT drop cable are 2 x pair cables (4 single cores)
1 pair is Orange and white and the 2nd Green and white.

Each single pair is coiled to hold the magnetic field.

If the cable is legged this means when the cable was first installed the engineer has used the wrong white pairs
thus legging the cable,

It will work fine with voice calls but if someone rings in on the 2nd line while you are on the internet your connection will lag or in some cases disconnect.
that is exactly what happens to me, everytime the phone is answered it disconnects, and you can get back on it during the call after a few seconds, but it disconnects when the phone call is ended, and I have to conenct again. really annoys me because when I am playin online on ps3 and phone rings it cuts my game off. When I phone sky they tell me the exact same thing as you.

Please let me know if you have found a solution
> Proust
You would do well to check your grammer.

i too am experiencin da same prob,Im in a new house in a non cable area,wen da phone is used it disconnects im wid virgin I want to change but doont know if the same thing will happen if I go to bt or sky .Im really frustarted wen I play ps3 it disconnects and wen im on utube and internet.I rung virgin dey said change the filters I got my neighbour to bring me his that works for him and hes wid sky and the same thing happenes please help me !!! :'(
> frustarted guy
Hello, I finally got rid of that problem last saturday.I had a problem in adsl connection that when I used the phone in other room my connection gets disconnected.After hearing my problem my maternal uncle who has gud knowledge about this connection helped me and now I am freely using my internet .I would like to share this to all of you who are facing this problem.First check your modem whether the light is litting or not and if it is ok don't worry your modem has no any problem.Then the thing I had have problem was in phone connection.It was all due to phone line conflict. Check your phone line if only one is connected there then that must be the problem of your internet connection.You must have to connect another wire from your main provider line, one to adsl modem and another to the other room line.After this you will use your internet without tension like me. If you have further question please ask me freely. I hope you will also get rid of this problem.Thank you
> Sankal
Finally had the problem solved here and it was incredibly frustrating! Due to an ATT upgrade the voltage on the telephone line was too high! They reduced it and everything's fine now. Of course, they still claim it wasn't thir fault...
Phone line needs a filter to separate the transmission between the two signals.
Ensure you have a microfilter connected to EVERY piece of equipment plugged into the phone line and check that sky haven't connected their double adapter before the filter when they installed your set top box. Failing that use the BT test socket with a filter, phone and your router and see if you get the same issue, then try a 2nd filter, then borrow a phone from someone and see if that works - failing all of that, speak to your ISP as you may have a faulty router. Lastly, if all else fails contact your phone company to run a line test
This same problem happened to me I would be on the internet and when I received a phone call I would lose connection. I looked at my router and my phone they both used a 2.4ghz frequency so then I just bought a new phone which used a 5.4ghz frequency and that solved the problem hope this helps
how do you find out what frequency there on?
Make sure you guys have filters installed it work for a client. Sometimes the problems are simpler than they seem.
Hi Guys.

I have a PS3 and I have no problem connecting to my sky wireless router. When someone rings the phone whilst I am playing online its ok, but the minute they hang up, I lose connection. Now I know you said it is your phone frequency, but I have rang the company up and they have said that my phone is 1.8GHz which is quality, so if it is not the phone frequency what is it? I have also put a new microfilter in the phone socket, so its not that. Just for note, my wireless router is downstairs next to the cordless phones and the ps3 is upstairs, I have tries using the ps3 downstairs but still no joy.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Guys!!!

I have exactly the same problemo! I'm also with Sky aswell. Our router is Realtek RTL8187B Wireless 802.11b/g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter. I'm really stuck for help as it is soo annoying when ur online and someone is using the phone. If any one has a solution please let us know!!!

Try changing the channell on your wireless router, open interface, wireless settings, you may have to change auto to standard 200, or wide 500, then change channel, try channel 11. I had same problem, this fixed it.
you guys just need a few splitter boxes
I had the same problem, I checked my router which was 2.4 ghz and my cordless phone was 2.4ghz, Iused my other cordless phone which was 800 mhz and it works fine I did not lose the connection
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you should check first the settings of the router... then after that you still didn't find the answer to your problem... I gonna help for that....
Ok, so what settings do I check, how do I find these settings, as I have a wireless adapter. Yesterday the phone rang and I didnt even answer it and I lost conncection :((. Like I said, my phone is a 1.8GHz is that a good frequency or do you think it could be the phones? Also when I loaded up my PC and the interent loaded up I lost connection. Not good.

I have the same problem with my new Netgear router (Wireless-N, WNR2000). Every couple of minutes the connections drops. I have several 2.4 cordless phones and also and iPhone. I think that every time I use the iPhone the connections also drops for a second.
I'm going to give the router back. Does anyone have a suggestion for a different kind that might work in this hostile environment?

usually when that happens its a faulty filter, make sure the filter is in your main bt socket and wires are connected correctly, also this happens when you have a crackling sound on your BT phone line, what you need to do is dial 154 on your handset and ask for the gain to be increased as you have a bad line.
The most common problem is that your cordless phone and router share the same frequency. The solution is to purchase a cordless phone with a higher frequency. This should solve the problem.
I have just bought a new phone, a DECT Panasonic which I was led to beleive would solve the problem. It's actually worse. I have also changed the modem channlel - nothing works. I'm completely fed up with it!!!
i got dsl when I hang up the phone it shuts off my internet then I have to unplug my dsl then plug it back up then it will come back on again gets on my nerves. do any one have this problem? ty.and it dont call for filters?
i have dsl motorol box I can get on the net why the phone is in use.but soon as the phone hangs up off goes my net. they checked the lines and said its showing they are ok. but its not ok cause it hangs me up soon as phones hangs up. then I have to unplug my powerpack from my dsl box then plug it back up 2 mins later its back on working. it dont use filters. soon as phone hangs up off goes my net.why???
I am facing a problem with my SKY router .. My internet gets disconnected and the signals are lost.. When I checked the router the wifi lights goes off also.. that means WIFI router is not working and its malfunctioning,. It can not be cable or internet problem coz even if internet gets disconnected but the the light for wifi should not go off and computer should still be connected with router but that is not the case,, wifi goes off on router so the computer gets Disconnected also.. I am calling SKY to change my router now.
i'm having the exact same problem as everyone else... I called my internet provider O2 and they raised the tolerance level of my connection to improve it but the problem still exist today.
Tried putting filters into every single phone socket that I could find and the problem still lies... now I am thinking of getting rid of the wirless phone that I'm using. I suspect that it might be something to do with the frequencies conflicting with one another.. hopefully by changing to a wired phone will help.
the reason your router/modem disconnects whenver the phone gets used is bc your phone is on the same frequemcy as the modem or router, or whatever your wireless card is on, try getting a different phone
my problem is similar my laptop looses its connection when the phone is answered but not always I turn off the wifi card and then turn it back on and it reconnects but if I run a speed test while someone is on the phone it is about 40% slower than when the phone is not being used. the download speed drops from 1250 kbps to about 800 kbps
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Phone companies live in the dark ages (PERIOD) Like a this is NOT a English class. It is his simple question and all I have seen from it is how da question was asked with his grammar. He can't help it because he is a retard as you all have put it. We must be nice to the less fortunate ones guys? It is according to you boring ones to pick on them but let's get on with your lives and leave the tards alone. Now to the headlines. If you are stuck in the wireless router loop then the disconnect is inevitable.
When the technology has it whereas it is like a non-wireless then it will be a brighter day. The new AT&T G5 will be Comcast’s nightmare. I am running DS3 from “Plough”. Also Comcast 50MB for email and surfing.
Now here for you gurus; The power companies can run power to anywhere. This is no secret. After retiring from Bell Labs 40 years. It is the same with internet. Your speed should never disconnect or have random speeds? Can you imagine the power companies charging you monthly fees for electricity and everyone is gets disconnects and random power levels? So take it from someone that know the facts; me. The internet suppliers supplies just like the electric suppliers need one thing; a GOOD connection one their end and if you are having these problems of disconnects and random power levels contact the FCC and your disconnects and random speeds will disappear. You can find the FCC phone number online for you area but you should go to Washington first and let them hear your obvious problem and/or complaint and the FCC will take care of it. When you have a complaint department in the phone company. It stops there and you will still have the problem. They put a man on the moon but they can not supply the power? You pay them enough don’t you? Next question. I am through now.

You need to connect the adsl router in the first jack and the phone in following ones. Else the phone breaks the adsl line when you get pick up the phone.

Best regards

Mårten Larsson
I have the same problem but I live in a block of flats and I happens whenever anyone in my buildings phone is used, its a complete NIGHTMARE, ps I am on O2