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Hello, everybody!
Flash Player ActiveX is always copying movie from I-net before playing it. Is it possible to load and play flash movies directly from any source without usage of temporary files to protect the movie from any other local outside access?
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i have use shockflashplayer but still when form load it doenot play movie
please any body help me to play flash movie on windows form using shockflash player
thanks in advance
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No you will only be able to play it on your web browser only!
So, there are really no alternatives?
I found F-IN-BOX library. It helps to play flash movies directly from stream, so there is no temp files and flash movies have not to be downloaded entirely too.
I have tried to use ShockwaveFlashObjects but it still creating temp files and need entirely file to be downloaded before starting play.
You can import flash videos into windows forms using the ShockwaveFlashObjects. The source can be from the internet, but you will have to manually get the information from the website.