Internet connected but webpages won't load

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I use firefox. I know that my connection is fine, but my firefox screen is blank. The internet explorer screen won't work either - says unable to load page.
Can anybody help?

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Just wanted to say thanks for all the suggestions.

I clicked on Network Connections, right clicked on the wireless network connection, scrolled down to TCP/IP, clicked on the label to highlight it, clicked on properties, clicked on obtain IP address automatically (obtain DNS server address automatically is automatically selected), clicked on ok and all worked like as advertised.

My primary clue to pursue this avenue was observing that the DNS was not being created when I reset the wireless connection (create a new network or add a device to an existing network).

You all are GREAT!
Thank you

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thank you very much,that was all it took
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It worked! Thank you!
Thank you so much for this, I highly appreciate your assistance. God bless!
Ok so try this:

Go into my computer > device manager then delete your wireless network adapter and NIC adapter. Restart your computer.

The problem should be fixed. If not, likelihood you have a virus or some malware.
try winsock if that doesn't work, go to start , run there type- resetlog.txt (press enter) problem solved you can browse your web pages , then you can thank me on my gmail account :P
wow thank you so much for helping me, it worked for me thanks alot =]
hey can u help me with my computer with xp I got a different problem when I did what u told me resetlog.txt using command promp and pressed enter notepad popup and I deleted everything it said in the notepad resetlog.txt file, now the internet doesnt even load come pages what can I do to fix it, plz help
hey by mistake I deleted every resetlog.txt in the notepad file, now the internet doesnt even load some pages pls help
I typed that command and a window came up that windows can not find resetlog.txt please advise
Hey, so I got a computer not so long ago. The computer will connect to the internet but it wont load any web pages. Any suggestions?
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I tried many things to fix the 3 browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome) that were not working for my client.

I tried the Norton's Removal Tool, netsh commands, clearing caches, checking proxies, virus scans, adaware scans on and on and on... (it was many hours)

I finally ran CCleaner ( and all three browsers started working. It's a free app and worth a try if nothing else is working for you.

I also had the same problem, my internet connection is connected but none of browsers display web pages. But from command prompt I can ping to any website. After testing lot fixes, I realise that I removed the vpn from the system just before the problem starts. That was an unmetured uninstallation. So I reinstall the VPN and it is working fine. After that I uninstall the VPN still there is no problem. Hope this info may help you. Thank you
check your TCP/IP settings. mine were somehow switched to set manually so it wasn't auto detecting the IP or DNS.
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when Firefox is open, click on File and see if the Work offline option is checked.
if yes, uncheck it.
then try to connect to internet.
> dberry
My problem is: I can connect to my ISP (BlueFrog as using Best Dialup -- account # 11501 but I am unable to use internet explorer}. BlueFrog customer service number is 866 258 3376. Using a cable hookup I was still unable to access internet explorer.
> larry
Hi Larry think some .dll files were missed and you must reinstall the internet explorer or mozilla firefox.. enjoy..
> dberry
im having the same problem, my laptop says its connected and im not on work offline mode but firefox is still saying it cant find the server or coming up blank, if oyu have found a solution can you please post it in reply to this?

my internet won't load up any webpage at all and my internet is playing up since yesterday
go to tools-----the last tab advance and-network sitting make click the no proxy..xD
thanks Ill try that out
something you have recently download or updated might be blocking it. try a system restore in safe mode
Hi there, this happened on my computer too and was very frustrating. In the end I turned off Zone Alarm and it worked fine. When I turned it back on again the same problem struck. I've not had problems with zone alarm before, but thems the breaks.

Good luck!
I have the same problem. I still have no idea how to fix it, but I have a workaround. It happens that I have 2 routers. Everytime the page won't load I switch to the other router. Hope this could help you.