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USB Flash Drive Tester is a program that allows you to test your memory cards and USB sticks to identify any bad sectors.

Disclaimer: It seems that this software hasn't been updated for several years - the version linked to this page is the latest to exist, so do not bother searching any further.

What is USB Flash Drive Tester?

USB Flash Drive Tester is a simple-to-use utility to test your flash drive or flash card and check for sectors' sanity through write and read errors.

What are the key features of USB Flash Drive Tester?

  • Interface: It features an all-in-one interface from where you can easily pick your device, launch tests, and instantly view logs and information.
  • Export: You can save the results in a dedicated log file stored on your computer for later use or reporting.
  • Map legend: It is able to detect good sectors, recoverable read errors, fatal read errors, recoverable write errors, fatal write errors, and comparison errors.
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How to use USB Flash Drive Tester?

  1. Select the flash drive or flash card you want to test from the Select Flash Drive/Card list on the upper left.
  2. Select the test type you want to perform from the Select Test Type list on the upper right, either Read, Write, or both.
  3. If you want to save a log file, check the Write Log File checkbox, and choose the location where the log file will be saved.
  4. Click Start Test to start the test. You can stop it whenever you want by clicking on Stop Test.
  5. You can view the log in real time from the built-in console.

Is USB Flash Drive Tester free?

Yes, USB Flash Drive Tester is free to use.

Is USB Flash Drive Tester safe?

Yes, USB Flash Drive Tester is considered safe to use.

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