Counter Strike unable to load authentication libra

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December 31, 2008
 bilstein -
i have a problem in portable counter strike 1.6.
he is saying to me unable to load authentication library, exiting
what can I do ? ..... half an hour before I was just playing when I notice that I can change the screen size setting
from that time ...till now I can play because it is failing to load.
big thanks to whom will help me and who take interes


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Would suggest you to use the 3D3 option in video settings. It worked for me!
Thank you

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thnx veeeeeeery much
thanksss dude
thanks a lot buddy!
thankZ man .. ..!!
when at the game menu click on options and then click on run in a window then your done. enjoy
i tried that a million times, still it doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
> yeah....
do you use x64 edition of windows?
Yes I am. I am using windows 7 ultimate 64x, I have the same problem
hey, im using win 7 w/ 32 bit and Direct x v.11! and failed to load the auth, library hahaha! but in my laptop vista 64bit it works perfectly Direct x v.9!
You guys now a fix for the fatal error, but on a Mac??
I have server errors too.. when it is up for a while it throws a fatal error about ex.wad. In hlds properties, compatibility I check that box but cant find the xp option. I just have Windows 2000 and other but not xp.
I think Condition Zero is not compatible with x64-bit computers.. I tried it in my xp x32-bit and it works like a charm..
Condition Zero worked on my windows 7 64bits.
first place the game in c: drive
then run the game...
in the game menu select options...then select the video tab.
and change render from software to opengl
also try ticking the run in a window box