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my little daughter wants to start animation she got a kanvus pro13 on her birthday..now I have to give her room in my laptop!!! seriously I am freaking to get viruses or what have you.. plus I am not sure which package of the Victoria giotto should I download,, please help me guys. thanks in advance

System Configuration: Windows / Edge 17.17134

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Did you read the product description before the purchase? Did it come with a simple program she could use?

Look, do the install so your little artist can do her thing. Just read everything, and don't just install something because it says you get a free trial. I recommend that if any of the installs say free trail, opt out! If you have any questions, stop the install, and google it, or come back!

If you choose to use free apps, its on you! $60.00 now will save you immeasurable amount of heartbreak later. Just google folder lock passwords, and see where free folder lockers get you!

BTW, FLASH is dead! Just let her paint!

Have FUN!

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