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I had a file with 2 sheets say 1,2. From 1st sheet I want to copy one by one cells of A column whose value is OK in C column and paste it in C1 of sheet 2.

In the output I want a button in sheet 3 which when I click give the complete list which are searched in sheet 2 along with row 7 of sheet 2 in front of every item

In easy term it select a cell A1 from sheet 1 ,check whether its valid or invalid in column C of same sheet.If invalid goes to next and if valid goes further i.e. copy it in C1 of sheet 2 and select the 7th row as o/p.This loop should continue until all cells of column A are done.
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Thank you
Hi Chauhanskapil,

What I understand is that you want to copy Sheet1 column A, when Sheet1 column C is "OK", to Sheet2 column C.

What I don't understand is what the button on Sheet3 is supposed to do?

This line also confuses me:
"copy it in C1 of sheet 2 and select the 7th row as o/p".
C1 of Sheet2 is the output, what about the 7th row?
Won't the 7th row be affected when column C gets filled with data?
Do you mean the entire 7th row, or just a few columns of the 7th row?

Consider posting some screenshots (always be careful with sensitive data) to help clarify.

Best regards,

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