Nested IF functions using time values [Solved/Closed]

 Harshada Chaudhari -

can someone tell why this wont work. The time value functions work separately on their own, and I followed the excel help for nested if functions.

=IF((B2>=TIMEVALUE("6:00:00"))*(B2<=TIMEVALUE("10:30:00")),"Morning",IF(B2>=TIMEVALUE("10:31:00"))*(B2<=TIMEVALUE("15:00:00")),"MidDay",IF(B2>=TIMEVALUE("15:01:00"))*(B2<=TIMEVALUE("18:30:00")),"Afternoon","Evening" )

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Dude, had a mess around in excel 2007 and this works to what you are intending. you were nearly there in what you had. just needed a few ANDs in the right places.


hope this helps.
Thank you

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Hi guys... can some one please help me out ... I m new to excel...
i have set of Time and i wanted to categorise them into each one hour...
for Example -

X = 1:13 AM
X = 2:15 AM
X = 6:19 AM
X = 7:15 AM

if my X = 1:13 AM time is falling between range of 1:00 AM to 1:59 AM then the value should return the category as "1 AM to 1:59 AM" , if my X = 2:15 AM time is falling between range of 2:00 AM to 2:59 AM then the value should return the category as "2 AM to 2:59 AM" .........

Categories are below -

1 AM to 1:59 AM
2 AM to 2:59 AM
3 AM to 3:59 AM
4 AM to 4:59 AM
5 AM to 5:59 AM
6 AM to 6:59 AM
7 AM to 7:59 AM
8 AM to 8:59 AM
9 AM to 9:59 AM
10 AM to 10:59 AM
11 AM to 11:59 AM
12 AM to 12:59 AM

please help me to formulate the function

Thanks for you are formula method
This formula help me a lot

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