How do I change a base location on Instagram?

 Savanna -

I lived in a country that didn't have reels until the end of last year, and now I live in a country with access to reels, and I would like to have the option, however, Instagram has given me all other 'new features' (such as the Music feature) but I don't have reels. And I suspect this is because it still shows my country based in Asia as you can see here:

I've tried redownloading the app, I'm on a European sim/wifi connection, I changed the language on my phone, I changed the language and location of the business the page is connected to, I googled for hours.. but nothing changes within the app.

Any help appreciated!

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I have three possible solutions to your problem:
1. Is your Instagram connected with your Facebook account ? If so, you can try changing the location from the settings of your Facebook account.
2. Have you tried changing the phone number in your Instagram settings ?
3. Have you tried changing manually the location of your phone ?

Good luck.

I've already done the second and the third. Done the first just now. Lets hope it works, thanks so much!
Has it changed yet? I’m facing the same problem. Please let me know what happened with your reels situation

Have you resolved it? I have the same problem

I have the same problem! I live in Italy and after a travel in Greece I haven’t access to reels! I saw the country of my account and is set to Greece! How I can do? Thank you
Hello, I have the same issue. Please let me know if you’ve resolved it and how. Would be much appreciated