Is DSiTube Real or Fake? [Solved/Closed]

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I want to know if DSiTube is Real or Fake. If it is Real when does it come out?

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i doubt it, but if it did come out, THAT WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME.
Thank you

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its real and its been out !
its a scam its been so called loading versions its on 1.4 and its been going on for 7 months
I just went on it today. Totaly real!!
but does it i also went on there but it said
i think that thier just trying to makeup things so ppl can believe its coming out. im not saying that dsitube is coming out, im saying that if it is coming out then they should say at least the month it might come out. i think if you keep checking it every 3 weejs it might say something kind of saying yes and no.

p.s:has anybody heard of the new dsi xl or ll,watever, i think that its just the same as the normal dsi. if it comes out for real then they should have boxes for it in gamestop or something like that... i havent been to gamestop.
> yo mama
I've heard of the DSi XL,it's the same as the DSi only a little bigger than the DSphat and has three DSiWare titles on it as default.
It was made for older people who need a larger image to see,but some people whos hands are to large for the regular DSi are thinking about getting one.Word on the street is that the screen will have larger pixels and the graphics will look as bad as the GBS's only with a backlight. The battery lasts one hour longer, only because you have to charge it for one hour longer.
And to whom it may concern,I typed this with my Nintendo DSi on the Opera Browser.
(and no not the iDSi Browser just the regular DSi Browser)
Thank you
You couldent have it is still under construction

Dear Roxas,

You won't be able to view any video from you tube for the fact that the

DSI doesn't allow you to install Flash Player. Flash player is essential for

viewing videos but DSI doesn't allow you to.

Thanks in advance.
yes it is real if you have a dsi go to but it is not finished with 1.4 thanks
all you have to do is go on little dsitube the real dsi tube is real but thats my idea
DSI tube is true but only in certain countries so it is but it isnt
Hello Roxas, DSiTube is a Total Fake because it is suppose to come out December 1, 2009 but it did not!
i just hate it wen ppl say things that they dont mean!!!!!!!!

<gras>dude chill<gras>

this is like a "it will be done when it's done" thing

things happen to be better quality when they aren't rushed!

personaly i have long awaited dsitube's comming and still it is not done but do i freak to everyone that it is fake? No because i know things take time to do. So please just be patient until you know for sure wether it is real or not.