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 PatL -
I recently had my computer rebuilt to where it is 99% new. I was told that Windows 7 was installed and the screens and programs are different from my old system ( I had Windows XP ) . Althought everything is much different my screen still shows Windows XP when I start up.
Also my card readers do not work all the time. I've used the CD I received with them and the strat up procedure tells me I don't need to do anything . I got a message saying "new hardware found and ready to use ( Promaster digital multi card reader) .
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Pat L

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hi there,

open run type: winver

you will get windows type and version

then install correct drivers for the hardware to function well

download them from official manufacturer website

Thanks for the assistance. I'm not a computer person and evidently I was robbed when the rebuild was done. The tech said I was getting Windows 7 the screen says Windows XP version 5.1
Thanks again.

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