lalit - Jan 29, 2010 at 12:31 AM
 RIZVISA1 - Jan 29, 2010 at 12:05 PM
i want to calculation as below mention condition

if A1contain 30 days
and B2 = 3
C2 = 4
D2 = 5
E2 = 6
F2 = 7

i requried calculation on b1
but condtion is that
If f2 is zero then calulation is 30days x 6
if e2 is zero then calculation is 30dyas x 5
if d2 is zero then calculation is 30days x 4
if c2 is zero then calculation is 30 days x 3

i want formula in excel only

pls help me
sorry in advance if i am not communicate properly

thnx & regards


1 response

Dude not sure what you are asking but based on what i understood as requirement are not entirely defined

Paste this formula in B1 cell.

=IF(F2=0,6, IF(E2=0,5, IF(D2=0,4, IF(C2=0,3, 999))) ) * A1


999 is the value that would be default value in case f2, e2,d2, and c2 are not zero. If that situation occur then what would be your factor of multiplication, I am just giving in this example that in that case it would be 999. You can change it to what should be the right value.

Also note that as soon as condition is met, it will not check so if F2 is 0, it does not care what is e2 d2 c2. In case you care about it, then it needs to be modified

A1 is the value that would be in cell A1 which in your question was 30.