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 Lupanis -
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A great app that has got me out of many a jam with HDD issue ans is easy enough to us even my wife can manage to use it.

Thanks :)
Nice application
thnks so much..
This software is junk. EaseUS is free for home PC and is supported on the most current OS.

After you install it, run the application chose your partition. At the top select Format and select FAT32 then at the top left click Apply. I just formatted a 300gig drive in 10 seconds.
User beware when you install the software to choose custom and uncheck the boxes to install the toolbars.
Great Job with identifying to Delete the Partition in Windows first.
It worked out very well. Awesome!!!! :D
It totally worked, my hard drive is now fat32....thank you.
i agree with this Software really working
Downloaded - got a web page. Nothing on it to commence a FAT 32 format. Useless.
free program won't install and run
detox instructions allowed me to format a western digital external HD of over 100 GB to Fat32 in seconds. Does what ot says on the tin etc. A+++
free program won't install and run.
I'm running Win7 64bit, a couple of compatibility messages came up, but I continued anyway. it works fine for me. thou I did have to Delete the volume first in Disk Management, SwissKnife gave me a Read/Write error until i did.
> detox
Here is a short guide I wrote...

1. run program and find the drive you want to format. but don't format yet.
2. you must go into 'Disk Management' and 'Delete Volume' of the drive first. SwissKnife will give you a 'Read/Write' error if you don't.
3. going back to SwissKnife, under the drive info click 'Delete' then choose how you want the drive to be formatted and click 'Create'. should take a few seconds.
4. After Swissknife is done, the drive will disappear from Windows. Just unplug and plug it back in. and it should show back up as a fat32 partitioned drive.
Crashed on Win 7 64 bits.. even in compatibility Mode
Nice software!!!!
amazing simple program
nice 5star program.big up
Works Great! Thank You!
> comp geek
Hi! I want to install SwissKnife. Pls give me suggestions that I can use it for using an External HDD. Also reply me to my email id: ***@***. Your suggesstion is valuable.
File also installs OK but crashes right away when you try to do anything with the USB external drive..
craSHES. I think the free version no longer works.
File also installs OK but crashes right away when you try to do anything with the USB external drive.
file installs OK but crashes when goes to external USB disk
The .exe crashed and would not load on the computer. Maybe it works well if it would load properly, don't know.