A new GTA 6 "leak" is going viral and tricking gamers

A new GTA 6 "leak" is going viral and tricking gamers

People are so desperate for GTA 6 news that they are falling foul of AI generated images that are pretending to be genuine GTA 6 leaks.

The gaming community's anticipation for Grand Theft Auto 6 has reached such a height that fans are scrutinizing every piece of potential information. Recently, a supposed leak, showcased in a Forbes article, gained significant attention. This image, which rapidly gathered nearly 100,000 likes and 12 million views on social media, was claimed to offer a glimpse into the highly awaited game. Initially impressive due to its high-quality graphics mirroring those expected from GTA 6, it featured an amusingly detailed minimap that even highlighted nearby palm trees. However, the Forbes piece suggested skepticism, pointing out the ease with which such images can now be created easily using AI and Photoshop. The simple fact that the image was in such poor quality, with motion blur (something that almost all modern phones manage to avoid when taking a quick photo - unless you were actively shaking your phone trying to get this effect) doesn't help you believe its authenticity. 

To add further suspicion, the Forbes article detailed how easily convincing fakes could be created, sharing an experiment where the author recreated a similar screenshot in just 20 minutes using modern digital tools. This involved tweaking elements from GTA 5 and employing artificial intelligence to generate realistic scene elements, including a comedic extra pair of sunglasses on a character's head. These modifications were intended to illustrate the potential for deception in viral images.

Despite the viral nature of the leak, the absence of any action from Rockstar Games to remove the image hints at its questionable authenticity. Rockstar is usually very prompt to respond and remove any genuine leaks, so the fact that a large amount of recent "leaks" have been allowed to remain online undermines their claims of authenticity. 

The Forbes article, and these recent "leaks" highlight the challenges and pitfalls of the Digital age, where distinguishing fact from fiction is becoming increasingly complex, especially with the widespread use of AI generated content. Do not be surprised if you continue to see this type of content widely shared online. The anticipation surrounding GTA 6 has fans eager to get their hands on any new information about the game. We will just have to be patient and wait for the next GTA 6 trailer which should be released this year. On the plus side, we should only have about one year to wait until GTA 6 is finally released !