Windows will now display ads on your computer. Here's how to disable them

Windows will now display ads on your computer. Here's how to disable them

The latest Windows update adds a feature that's sure to make people cringe: ads directly on your computer. Fortunately, there's a way to disable them.

Windows may be the world's most widely used operating system for computers, but Microsoft's creation is constantly being updated. The company is gradually introducing new features to flesh out the latest versions of Windows, and in particular its most recent iteration, Windows 11.

Recently, Microsoft unveiled the addition of its artificial intelligence to Windows 11. Known as "Copilot", this new feature provides users with a wide range of functions. The addition of Copilot to Windows 11 is significant because it introduces artificial intelligence to the operating system. Copilot is designed to assist users with various tasks, such as document synthesis, text generation, and adapting favorite applications based on user habits. This integration of AI technology aims to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and provide a more personalized computing experience for Windows users. However, there will be some other new additions that might be met with less applause. 

But the next update to Windows 11 is likely to make more noise than the addition of Copilot. The update, entitled "KB5036980", includes the addition of advertisements within the operating system itself. These will be placed in the "Start" menu, offering you to install certain applications from the Microsoft Store that you don't have on your computer. The ads may, for example, suggest you install a password manager or a word processor.

Above all, these ads are very well integrated into the Windows "Start" menu, blending seamlessly into the background. This makes it easy to click on one of them, thinking it's one of our favorite applications.

Unfortunately for users, these ads will be activated by default as soon as the new update is installed. However, Microsoft has added an option to get rid of them easily. 

How to get rid of ads on Windows 11

To get rid of ads that appear after the Windows 11 update, simply open your computer's settings. There you'll find a tab entitled "Personalization", where you can configure a number of Windows features. In this tab, you'll now find the option to "Display recommendations for tips, promotions and more". Uncheck the latter to get rid of the ads built into Windows 11.

The new update that integrates ads into the Windows 11 "Start" menu is currently being distributed. Your computer, if compatible with this update, should benefit from it within the next few weeks.