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 Max -
I just purchased some new components for my desktop:
- Asrock P55DE3 motherboard
- Intel i3 530 CPU
- 2x2GB Kingmax DDR3 RAM

I have existing 2x 320GB WD drives, and a Gainward 6800GS 256mb video card.

I assembled everything and when I turn the computer on, the cooling fans turn (both CPU and video card), the DVD drive opens and closes, but nothing else happens. I tried with a different video card - same result (i tested the 6800gs on another computer and it works). I tried taking out the RAM modules and there is no sound when I turn the power on.
Any suggestions?

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Hi there,

You must have missed some other things to be plugged on the board refer to the given schema for the motherboard.

Thank you

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I checked everything over and over again.
The motherboard has an 8pin ATX 12v power connector + a 24pin ATX power connector
The video card has its 6pin power connector
The two HDDs are connected to the mobo through SATAII connectors and they have also SATA power connectors
The DVD-RW also has SATA connectors
The floppy has its 33pin connector to the mobo and a power connector

I really don't know what else is there to connect.....