Something fell NEAR computer,now doesn't work

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so here's the deal: we have a desktop (i'm on my laptop now) that i dropped the base of a fan near last night. i don't believe it hit anything, but the USB mouse stopped working. we unplugged/replugged and then turned off the computer manually (couldn't use the mouse to turn it off) turned it back on and the mouse was still not recognized. the computer can't even start up without the mouse, we have to move it to get to the windows screen. then we noticed the keyboard lights aren't lit up anymore, the cd drive won't open, but the light to the computer is on, it sounds like it's running, and the mouse light lit up as well.
does anybody have an idea of what's going on or should we take it to an expert?

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Hi there,

Open the cpu and check if any of the cables are loose ,reinsert then if so and power on .