Reviews about PPTX Repair

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i think you should check updated program on the site !

full fledged slides preview ,media preview gallery and two recovery modes. is that not enough.

i think you have not analyzed software properly. It has preview pane to get a preview of recovered PPTX file. It even show the status as file can be repaired or not.

I have purchased that software a year before and it is helping me till date to correct my casual recovery issues.

Mitchell M.
technaliti inc. can only view the result of the repair if you buy the tool...
I am writing this review as i am very pleased by the behavior of support staff of this company, i have a PHD related presentation which is about to complete but somehow UDB drive tricked me and left me a corrupted PPTX file. Although the software was easy to use but somehow i was not able to use it perfectly so i contacted their staff and jenny helps me a lot. Although i lost first slide but software managed to recover 146 slides.

great software
great support staff specially jenny.