Built-in webcam not working Compaq Presario F

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Once again i thank you for your kindness. I have gone through the link you have given but
unfortunatelly i got the result as

"If your operating system is not listed, HP does not have software or driver downloads available for this product in that operating system."

from Compaq Presario F739AU Notebook PC

since i have installed windows 7 ,i could not get the drivers. Sir what should i do now.
Is it possible to install windows vista , if my present OS is windows 7.
Should i format my laptop once again.
I expect your valuble suggestions and advices.

thanking you,

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how do you install compaq webcam
Thank you

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make sure you even have the webcam, some models appear to have them but if you look closely you would find its not even there. its just the socket/space for it

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If you want to install vista you need to format and reinstall windows that is vista,else try the help of driver detective and let it find the appropriate and compatible driver for your system,download it from link below: