Stop message 0*0000007b (0*F7B56524,0*c0000

 jollyhappy -
while installing xp I got the stop message
0*0000007b (0*F7B56524,0*c000034 ,0*00000000,0*00000000)

i am searching solution for 1 week please help me

i deleted al partition in my hdd but after that also I was not able to install xp

please help me

i expect system genius answers

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Hello Abdul,

I strongly suggest that you be the genius!

The blue screen occured because of the partitionning.

Microsoft has published an article to troubleshoot the 7b error.

So here is how you can become the genius:

I would much appreciate knowing the solution you applied.

It is all in your ball park now

Good luck your Brilliantcy!
Thank you

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Hi there,

The error code you provided is either incomplete or incorrect,what is the hard disk type on the pc?what was the previous windows version on it?please give more information to help you appropriately.

Unfortunately it did not work... but you are correct with the rest... I am looking for hours and nothing seems to help and then I found this