Trying to make a checkbook on excell07

 WD -
I am trying to make a checkbook on excell.
here are the columns I am dealing with
c=credit, d=debt, and e=balance
first how do I make d turn all number inputed into negative amounts
second how do I make the entire column e=the sum of c:d and the e column before it.

Please Help me. It is taking forever to do the long way.
Wesley Howland

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My first thought is "Why?"

But, if you feel it is necessary, there is no real need to make the numbers in D negative... it matters not to Excel if they are positive or negative. The key is in your formula for E.

If I assume that my staring balance is in E1 and I am generating a credit in C2 then my balance in E2 should be E1+C2.

By the same token, if I have a debit in D3 then my balance in E3 should be E2-D3.

If we put it all together then E2=E1+C2-D2 (since I don't know whether line 2 will have a debit or a credit I will account for both).

Since the balance is always dependent upon the prior balance and the current debit/credit action, I can simply copy the formula for E2 all the way down the sheet.

As for negative numbers in the Debit Column, play with the number formats. Create your own format that forces a "-" in front of them or simply turn the font red in that column.