Serious HP DV7 problems

yaretzi - Nov 9, 2010 at 07:58 AM
 yaretzi - Nov 9, 2010 at 08:08 AM

My computer isn't gunked up with too many programmes, has lots of ram etc free, has been experiencing no other problems than the overheating (I clean it out with compressed air and also take it apart and fish the gunk out of the fan) - haven't done that in a month or so so it's not as if I've broken something in there, I use a cooler under my laptop to prevent overheating, it's around a year and a half old, no viruses or nasties, has windows 7 and has had it for ages with no problems, and isn't under warranty.

For a few days my laptop was being odd with charging - it would only charge up and register that the charger was plugged in if it was at a certain angle. I took it to my nearest small computer shop and they cleaned between the plugs of the battery, and it seemed to work. The problem seemed to be that it would power up without the battery, but with the battery it wouldn't work. They confirmed that my charger was working correctly.

I took it home, and the next day after being on charge for an hour the charger sparked and blew up. I ordered a new charger which has just arrived today. I plugged it in with the battery in and tried to turn on. Nothing, except the middle white light on the bottom left ( the lightning shaped symbol) flashed a few times. I tried with the battery out. Nothing at all.

I'm currently on a loaned laptop which I have until friday, and when I have to give it back I have no computer to do my uni work on.

Any suggestions of what is wrong? I've heard 'hard ware problem' and that the charger socket inside the computer needs changing. Any idea of approximate costs (£), and what exactly is involved with a hard ware problem in terms of losing work.

Thanks a lot :(

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I've tried removing the battery + charger and holding down the power button for 30 seconds. Still nothing.
If the battery and charger is in, the light flashes.
If the battery is in and the charger isn't, the light flashes.
If the battery is not in and the charger is in, the light doesn't flash.