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I have just purchased a Cannon 60d and I find that my CS4 photoshop / Bridge will not open the .CR2 RAW files.
The .CR2 files I took with my 450d are OK.
MY Cannon RAW plug in is I have tried to upgrade it to 6.2 as advised but the upgrade does not take.
Any ideas Please

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Thank you
you need cs 5 or convert .raw files to digital negative file (.dng) in this program:

and then it going to be ok... it works same as raw files...

RAW plug 6.2 is compatible just with cs 5....

Thank you, atm 4

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Its quite simple. Search Adobe DNG Converter, Mac or PC on Download the app that they have, when its open you just choose the folder the RAW files are in choose convert to .dng.. once converted the files open in a RAW like file so you can adjust.
Thank you
Thanks for your comments I have found the Adobe CR2 to Dng converter and have been using it.
Can you share that please. AdobeCR2 to DNG converter.
im not sure on the term converter can you enlighten me is this some free down load
Thank you
im confused can you put that in laymans terms please
Thank you
Superb! Working like a charm. The DNG files feel like the original RAW.

Thanks so much.