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Adobe Photoshop Elements is the kind of tool you will love to use if you want to easily and beautifully fine-tune your images and videos. Simpler than the classic Photoshop and targeting day-to-day users who don't want too much complexity but still need powerful editing tools, Photoshop Elements will help you achieve your masterpiece creation.

What is Photoshop Elements?

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an image and content editor part of the Adobe suite. Photoshop Elements provides simple but powerful content editing features and tools to help anyone who wants to edit or create high-quality images or videos without spending countless hours on them. Thanks to its advanced editing features and being empowered by AI-driven image analysis, it will help you customize your photographs in creative ways to make them stand out on social networks.

Photoshop Elements focuses on simplicity and accessibility for users who want to enhance and edit their photos without spending too much time on them. That way, it offers a clean and simple interface to guide the user step-by-step and provides clever propositions using artificial intelligence image evaluation.

What are the key features of Photoshop Elements?

  • Smart editing: Photoshop Elements includes an artificial intelligence system called Adobe Sensei that helps you enhance your photos in just a couple of clicks to make your masterpiece come true. You can apply effects inspired by famous artwork styles, merge one image inside another by gluing it or choose one of the five intelligent looks that automatically adapt to the theme of your photo.
  • Customize: You will be able to create stunning images you will love to share on social networks, compose and create images slides, add 2D and 3D movement, create amazing videos, GIFs, and more in a few seconds.
  • Step-by-step editing: The whole interface and the features have been developed and organized to allow you to perform step-by-step editing. That way, you will cleverly and progressively apply retouches and modifications to your images. Among the available steps, we can list background stretching to achieve a better overall composition, create a flawless landscape by replacing skies, removing haze, or deleting unwanted objects. You can also produce modern two-tone illustrations, scale objects to perfect the composition, adjust the focus on the main items, and delete people in the image's background. Polish and fine-tune the color adjustment, lighting, skin refinement, eye correction, and easily replace backgrounds to achieve more creative pictures. Many more possibilities await you.
  • Keep your creations organized: You will efficiently manage your photos using smart tags and facial recognition. Photoshop Elements will also assist you in finding any photo or video you want in seconds. Moreover, the whole catalog structure will periodically be saved so that you won't lose it.
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Is it free?

You can install Photoshop Elements and use it for 30 days for free. When the trial expires, you will have to purchase one of the available licenses.

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